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Efficient and effective financial crime compliance programs successfully balance business requirements against compliance obligations, without impacting the customer experience. Achieving this requires a holistic approach to the financial crime compliance workflow, from know your customer checks to alert remediation, taking into consideration the process and its objectives in its entirety.

A clear understanding of each step allows for a seamless and efficient workflow to be created; facilitating financial crime compliance, improving operational efficiencies and promoting a frictionless customer experience. Our financial crime compliance capabilities are relied upon by financial institutions, corporations and small/medium size businesses across the globe to not only support their need to prevent financial crime, but also create customer friendly processes. LexisNexis® Risk Solutions unique combination of data and technology spans the financial crime compliance workflow, to provide a clear view of risk whilst supporting business objectives.
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Providing tools to support your financial crime compliance program

Anti-Bribery and Corruption

Flag high risk individuals, understand relationships and protect your business from corruption.

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

Prevent your organisation from being a conduit for illicit funds. Utilise our screening, monitoring and risk detection solutions.

Know Your Customer

Verify customer identity, establish beneficial owners, identify relationships and demonstrate robust financial crime compliance.

Watchlist Screening

Screen for Politically Exposed Persons, sanctioned entities, enforcement notices and adverse media.

Helping you to attain a holistic view of risk

Financial crime compliance capabilities which provide support across the workflow



Confidently verify the identity of prospective customers, re-confirm the identity of existing clients.



Identify potential risk associated with an individual – screen for PEPs, Sanctions, adverse media and enforcement.



Monitor for potential risks on an ongoing basis and identify them at the earliest opportunity.


Enhance genuine customer experience with quick exception remediation.

White Paper
Future Financial Crime Risks 2017

A view of the current and future financial crime risks faced by banks in the UK.
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