LexisNexis® Telematics—OEM and Automotive

Commercialise and leverage extended vehicle data for insurance and insight.

Exchange data and commercialise connected car concepts via our insurance partnerships.


Automotive OEM Telematics Leadership Support
Utilise and commercialise the connected car and extended vehicle concept to obtain market insight, consumer intelligence and create new revenue streams from delivery of driving data into the insurance market.

Proven Big Data Platforms and Scale
Our solution delivers superior performance, agility and scalability, and has been proven in mission-critical Big Data production environments for more than a decade

Gain New Market Insights
Gain market insight and consumer intelligence to gain competitive advantage to commercialise vehicle connectivity into sales, marketing and the service aftermarket.


Big Data Analytics for the Entire Automotive Enterprise
Leverage leading edge big-data integration and insight from the entire LexisNexis® Risk portfolio to transform your marketing intelligence, vehicle use understanding and driver profiling.

Pre-scaled, Enterprise-ready Technology Platform
Process and analyse big data more efficiently and reliably than with any other comparable solution available.

Commercialise Connected Car Data
Utilise and commercialise the connected car and extended vehicle concept for direct delivery of data via our filtering, contextualising services directly to the insurance market through our pre-existing integrations and partnerships