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We’ve engineered the word “impossible” out of development.

Your customers look to you to make things run better, faster, more securely and compliantly — the demands are endless. The technology part is difficult enough. But staying ahead of competitive threats, regulations and complicated customer requirements? It’s a long shot without a strong data partner. 

That’s us. Whether you’re working to prevent fraud and money laundering, promote financial inclusion, or solve other market needs, our world-class data and analytics bring vision to fruition.

When you build the best into your portfolio, how can you lose? 

For more than 40 years, organisations from Finance to eCommerce have relied on us for market expertise, trusted data and analytics. And here’s why: We constantly invest in these core capabilities to deliver the most current, relevant information and insights. We don’t just serve industries — we immerse ourselves in them to understand emerging trends, challenges, and the role of data as the key ingredient of competitive advantage and market growth for businesses large and small.

We remove barriers you don’t even know existed.
Working with data can leave you exposed to landmines you may never have considered. Experience matters. We understand the nuances of permissible use and regulatory compliance. We’re able to navigate the variations in data availability and access, local governance, and acceptable practice that may affect your delivery in certain markets or channels. 

Over a long history of partnering with developers, software platforms and services providers, we’ve successfully tackled a multitude of scenarios.

Let’s get together and build something great.