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The power of data in driving profitable growth and managing risk across your home book.

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Leverage Data to Better Assess and Price Risk

Increase profitability, enhance the customer experience and better manage the risk profile of your home book with data and analytics solutions from LexisNexis

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Home Insurance Solutions – Better Assess, Price and Optimise Risk

Increase Profitability

Improve risk selection, optimise pricing and increase profitability by assessing household risk at the individual property level. With more accurate risk assessment and pricing at the point of quote, based on the specific location of the property and its exposure to perils, this allows you to maximise underwriting performance. Leveraging data enrichment at the point of quote enables you to focus on profitable underwriting.

Better Understand and Manage the Risk Profile of your Home Book

Leverage key risk data such as perils data and other relevant property, individual and location-based data, at the point of sale and point of quote, to help assess and price property risks more accurately. Optimise the risk profile of your home book with improved exposure and accumulations management.

Drive Profitable Business Growth

With greater insight into individual property risks and overall portfolio exposure, you can identify new opportunities for profitable growth. Discover where your book of business presents higher levels of risk than desired, relative to your underwriting strategy, and identify new business which may have been declined previously due to less accurate or incomplete data.

We believe in the power of data and analytics
to manage risk & uncover opportunity.

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