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In a world of hidden risks and opportunities, we help transform the way you make decisions by combining
Customers in
100+ Countries
270+ Million Transactions
Processed around the world every hour.

On-demand data exchange and analysis bring a new flood of raw data and fresh challenges every day. Our technologists help you tap into the vast possibilities of your data.

78+ Billion Records

We help tens of thousands of customers and hundreds of thousands of individual users to be prepared to manage change and meet their growing data challenges.

Defining the future of big data processing and analysis

Advancing Open
Source Initiatives

Open source technologies are an important source of innovation to foster cutting-edge inventions, discoveries and new knowledge to advance society. Our HPCC Systems® Big Data platform is available for free to the open source community.

Powerful Big
Data Analysis

HPCC Systems was designed and developed from our deep data analysis history. Our platform allows organisations of all sizes to stay on the cutting edge of development tools and trends for data processing and analysis, helping them find the answers they need while improving time­-to-­results and time­-to-decisions.

Patented Identity

We use our proprietary linking technology in combination with our own unique identifier, LexID®, to resolve, match and manage consumer identities to help customers manage identity, fight fraud, mitigate risk and remain compliant.

Our Technology


Advanced analytics for better identity management. LexisNexis uses a proprietary linking technology in combination with our own unique identifier, LexID, to resolve, match and manage information for hundreds of millions of consumer identities.
This patented linking and clustering method is the machine behind many LexisNexis products that leverage authentication, verification and other identity management capabilities.
Our Technology

HPCC Systems®

HPCC Systems from LexisNexis Risk Solutions is a proven, open source solution for Big Data insights that can be implemented by organisations of all sizes.
With HPCC Systems, developers can design applications with Big Data at their core, enabling organisations to better analyse and understand data at scale, improving time-to-results and decisions. HPCC Systems offers a consistent data-centric programming language, two processing platforms and a single, complete end-to-end architecture for efficient processing.

Transform Your Risk Decision Making

Financial Services

Trusted risk intelligence to drive compliance and optimise profitability.


Insurance Solutions to drive profitability with unmatched data and innovative analytics.

Life and Pensions

Retain accurate member information in accordance with The Pensions Regulators’ record-keeping guidance.

Corporations and Non-Profits

Solutions to help assess relationship risk, detect fraud and manage identity to grow customer relationships and manage safer transactions.

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