Wunelli delivers driving insights to young drivers and their parents in Autosaint deal


Autosaint, one of the first brokers to offer telematics box technology to young and inexperienced drivers, has entered into a new agreement with Wunelli, a LexisNexis company, to support its innovative mileage & behaviour  based telematics proposition.  As part of the contract, Wunelli has developed a functionality for Autosaint to actively encourage parental engagement to support safer driving. 

Wunelli will provide Autosaint with a complete telematics solution, from managing hardwired black box installation through to data collection, analysis and scoring. 

As part of a bespoke solution developed for Autosaint, policyholders plus a nominated parent are given secure access to a customer dashboard which shows their driving scores and recorded mileage, with feedback based on their performance to help support good driving behaviour.  This not only helps parents take a more active role in encouraging improved driving behaviors, but can also provide valuable peace of mind if the feedback is positive.

Wunelli receives the parent’s email address along with the policyholder’s email at new business which prompts separate welcome to dashboard emails.  In addition to access to their child’s dashboard, parents are sent regular emails on scoring and mileage as well as extreme event alerts.

The scoring algorithms Wunelli has developed for Autosaint are based on 5 driving parameters - reckless events, braking, acceleration, night driving and speeding, using the most accurate and up-to-date database of road speed limits in the UK.

At the back end, a Wunelli portal enables Autosaint administrators to monitor policies, review trips through a journey viewer and assess incident alerts. The Wunelli portal will also benefit Autosaint insurer partners by providing them with instant access to driver data and incident alerts.

Selim Cavanagh, Vice President of Wunelli said: “This a great example of Wunelli’s ability to deliver bespoke solutions to insurers and brokers.  Autosaint is a firmly established broker in the telematics space, so we are pleased to have the opportunity to provide the telematics data skills and parental feedback capability to take them to the next stage of development.”

Chris Pryor, Autosaint Product Head added: “The Wunelli platform provides us with the opportunity to further support our telematics strategy and to enhance our proposition to our customers and insurer partners."


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Regina Haas
Sr. Director, Communications
Insurance and Connected Car and Coplogic Solutions