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LexisNexis Risk Solutions Linking Technology Creates a Complete Insurance Picture of the Consumer for Motor Insurers

Enhanced data linking capability builds bigger picture of customers’ NCD histories for improved risk assessment 


London - As the volume of consumer data gathered by the motor insurance sector grows exponentially, so has the challenge to achieve ‘one view’ of the customer. This volume increase has led to disparate information and potentially multiple records held for one individual.   One of the most challenging problems for the insurance sector is tackling address changes that may not match what has been recorded on the No Claims Discount (NCD).  However, insurers now have access to a powerful data and technology solution that allows them to link disparate customer data to gain one customer view. The LexisNexis Risk Solutions Motor Policy History database, with its NCD module, now has data from over 86% of the motor insurance market providers and a unique identifier, LexID®, which has been applied to the customer data contributed to it over the past five years.

The use of LexID as a component in the NCD Module allows up to 6%[i] more individuals to be correctly matched to existing data within the database, providing a full view on that consumer’s NCD history. Since the introduction of LexID to the NCD Module, LexisNexis Risk Solutions has achieved a match rate of over 80% between the existing NCD database and new customer data.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions Product Director for UK and Ireland Insurance, James Burton, comments: “LexID achieves a better match rate and the NCD module has seen constant improvement in match rates as a result. This enhances the purchase experience for consumers, because they can quickly be matched to their own No Claims Discount history at point-of-quote ensuring they get an accurate quote. The module also saves costs by eliminating manual validation of NCD within the insurance provider’s workflows and making it an automated and more streamlined process.

“LexID can also help support insurers in the fight against fraud by matching and linking together more customer records than ever. As we know, most insurance providers offer large discounts to new customers with a long NCD history, therefore it is really important that they can verify honest customers’ declarations at point of quote, and help insurers and brokers weed out those who could be fraudulent.”

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[i] According to LexisNexis Risk Solutions Analysis.

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