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TraceIQ® v3.3 incorporates 2014 Electoral Roll


The edited version of the 2014 Electoral Roll is now incorporated in version 3.3 of Tracesmart’s powerful online tracing and investigation software, TraceIQ®. Enhancing its already comprehensive view of the UK consumer, the addition of 2014 Electoral Roll data will ensure users of TraceIQ have access to the most up-to-date information available, ultimately improving their tracing and investigation productivity.

Whilst its primary purpose is to support the electoral process, the Electoral Roll is also an insightful snapshot of the UK population and TraceIQ utilises it in a variety of applications. It helps the system to establish who is living where and with whom; important details in both tracing and investigation activities.

Every year Tracesmart ensures it makes the latest electoral data available at the earliest possible juncture and while they have done so again with the 2014 roll the release date is later in comparison to previous years, due to last year’s electoral canvass being delayed in preparation for the transition to individual electoral registration. Chris Rothwell, Sales Director at Tracesmart, notes the importance of incorporating new Electoral Roll data at the earliest possible opportunity:

“Electoral Roll data helps our customers to establish key pieces of information about the subject of their tracing and investigation activity and it is therefore crucial that they have access to the latest version as soon as possible.

We are fully aware of this need and are proud to consistently provide access to the latest version of this important dataset ahead of the competition.”

In addition to the new electoral records, TraceIQ v3.3 also incorporates enhanced functionality on the primary people search interface. Where previously users had to run the standard name, address and date of birth lookup or the reverse search functionality independently, the two activities can now be performed simultaneously. Tracesmart’s Technical Director, Paul Weathersby highlights the efficiency benefits this will provide:

“The ability to conduct both a standard people search and reverse search concurrently will deliver considerable time savings to our clients by reducing the volume of individual searches they will need to undertake.

We firmly believe that as well as providing intuitive new features, it is essential that we also improve existing ones whenever possible, to ensure that our clients get the most out of their investment.”

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