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Latest release of TraceIQ® can confirm previous owners of a property as well as current


LexisNexis® Risk Solutions has released an enhanced version of its online tracing and investigation tool, TraceIQ®. The latest iteration of the web-based software incorporates several upgrades to key pieces of functionality which will improve user productivity; most notably it now provides the ability to confirm the previous owners of a property in addition to the current owners.

Updates have been made to three features: PRS – the system’s property ownership verification tool; the self-generation bill reporting function and the landline verification service. The improvement of each of these features will allow TraceIQ users to make quicker, more insightful business decisions and improve overall operating efficiency.

Speaking from his Cardiff office, LexisNexis Risk Solutions’ UK Product Director, Paul Weathersby, highlighted the company’s commitment to continually improving its product range: “As a global leader in the field of technology and data it’s imperative that we continue to keep our products at the cutting edge; better serving our customers through pioneering development and insightful intelligence.

As with all of our product development, these latest releases have been driven by our clients’ needs and will help our customers to execute their business more effectively. Whilst we expect all of the enhancements to be well received, it is anticipated that the ability to confirm the previous owners of a property will provide particular benefit, especially in the area of fraud prevention.” In addition to the in-product enhancements, TraceIQ’s back-end systems have been upgraded, enabling the LexisNexis Risk Solutions team to administer the service more efficiently. All product enhancements are now live and available to users of TraceIQ.

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