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Accelerate intelligence gathering with online tracing

Organisations across all industries will need to trace people at some point.

The need to trace people spans multiple situations – such as a simple case of having lost contact with a gone away customer, recover a customer’s debt, or trace a deferred pension member. Whichever reason, LexisNexis® Risk Solutions can provide the optimum people tracing solutions.

How to trace people

Our solutions offer multiple ways to trace people to fit your needs, whether it is online, batch or a custom solution.

Online Tracing

Should you need to trace people manually, our online tracing software, TraceIQ® is the ideal solution. Built from extensive tracing knowledge, this people search tool is developed using the latest technology, and driven by our extensive portfolio of public, proprietary and multiple credit bureau data.

Batch Tracing

If you need to efficiently locate a large volume of gone aways, your business can use our batch tracing service, which will trace people in bulk and provide potential forwarding address links.

Specialist Tracing

For specialised tracing purposes, such as locating hard to find deferred pension members, our specialised team of dedicated forensic tracers can trace people and help verify their address in the UK and abroad.

Contact us today to discuss your specific tracing needs and discover which of our services best suits you