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Who is LexisNexis?

LexisNexis is a global leader in providing essential information to help customers across industry and government predict, assess and manage risk. Our data solutions are utilised by an ever-growing range of companies in the Life and Pension industry. As part of our services, we specialise in confirming member details for pension schemes and life assurance plans. We help find and verify customer details by forwarding letters to relevant individuals for verification purposes. The following are typical questions asked in respect of letters written to members of a Life and Pension company.

Why are you writing to me?

We have contacted you on behalf of one of our clients within the Life and Pension industry as they believe you may hold a pension policy with them. To follow best practice guidelines, pension providers are required to keep up-to-date details of scheme members and also be aware of any changes in personal circumstances. Your pension scheme has appointed us as they wish to contact you to discuss changes to your plan.

What should I do next?

Call us on the number provided in the letter you’ve received. You’ll need to quote the reference number at the head of your letter, we’ll then perform a security check to verify that we are speaking to the correct person.

How did you get this address?

The address is the last known residence for you as supplied by the company that has secured our services. Alternatively, we could have performed a desk-based trace, which involves searching different databases to find the address.

How much will I be charged for this?

You will NOT be charged for our services. The company that has appointed us will incur all the associated costs.

I don't recognise the company name, what should I do?

We recommend you still get in touch with us as experience has shown that pension plans occasionally change their names. Alternatively, the company you previously worked for may have been taken over and is now known by a different name. It may also be possible that you ceased contributing to this plan many years ago and have since forgotten about it.

How much is my pension worth?

We do not hold or have access to any financial information – we are therefore unable to discuss any aspect of your pension plan. We can however, provide you with contact details for our client should you wish to discuss this further with them.

I have received a letter from LexisNexis, but the person you are looking for no longer lives here, what should I do?

If you are able to provide a forwarding address for the person we are looking for, please advise us, we can then write to them directly. We would then ask you to please destroy the letter you received.

The person you are searching for has died, what should I do?

We would really appreciate you contacting us. There may be an entitlement to a relative’s pension, it is therefore important that we establish the details of the next-of-kin to inform our client.

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