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Data Enrichment

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Data enrichment provides a deeper understanding of your customers

Data enrichment, the process of enhancing the value of data with additional attributes, can deliver the insight needed to connect better with your customers.

Our proprietary linking technology and access to billions of data records from multiple datasets enables us to achieve more relevant data returns to enrich your customer records. Data cleansing helps to keep the data you hold current and accurate; while data enrichment will further that process, adding more value to your database.

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Personal Details

Data appending adds key missing personal details such as forenames, dates of birth, and addresses.

Phone Numbers

Append telephone numbers or XD flags where available.

Demographic Data

Profile and provide insight on consumer types utilising socio-demographic data.

Property Ownership

Attach publicly available property information such as ownership description and property value.

Email Addresses

Append email addresses to a given name and postal address where available to provide a further contact channel.

Marital Status

Identify marriage status - gain valuable insight for pension de-risking exercises.

Financial Information

Flag financial records such as insolvencies, county court judgments, debt relief orders and bankruptcies.


Flag contact preferences using the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and Mailing Preference Service (MPS).

How we offer a deeper, richer and more accurate view of customers

Extensive Data Universe

Our data universe comprises datapoints from billions of public and proprietary consumer records, giving an accurate, near-complete account of the UK adult population. And we regularly append – not replace – our records with fresh data, ensuring a complete and accurate record of the customer, over time.

Advanced Linking

We ensure high levels of data record accuracy by using our proprietary statistical linking capability to match and connect disparate data to an appropriate customer record. Each record is then assigned its own unique identifier – a LexID®.

Sophisticated Analytics and Insights

We apply data science and leverage proprietary algorithms to provide better decision intelligence.

Continuous Data Enrichment

As personal circumstances continuously change, we recommend that data enrichment be undertaken on a regular, continuous basis as an important part of customer data management. This will enable you to be aware of any changes as and when they happen. Alternatively, we offer batch services for one-off data appending exercises.
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