A rounded view of your customer leads to better decisions

Multiple, concurrent and often competitive initiatives only succeed when they start from the same place.
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Bridge the gaps, and extract more value from customer data

When you don’t have a single view of each of your customers it can result in data driven mistakes. You might send “new customer” offers to existing customers, or have multiple staff members calling multiple times on multiple accounts to collect from one individual. Such errors, driven by not having a single view of each of your customers, can tarnish your company’s reputation and lead to compliance breaches – while driving up costs and wasting resources.

A proactive, enterprise-level approach to linking and managing data not only creates a comprehensive, single view of the customer, but also enables customer data to become a value driver across your organisation. Through a single customer view you can enhance risk modelling and analytics, improve customer experience, streamline operations and boost marketing ROI.

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Create a single customer view across your organisation

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions offers a state-of-the-art customer linking solution built around patented technology that applies a persistent and consistent LexID® identifier across all data silos to:

Resolve duplicate records to a single identifier and create a 360-degree customer view

Present a unified front to your customers

Ensure smooth, cohesive operations with effective data matching capabilities

Remain compliant

We provide a deeper, richer and more accurate view of customers

Extensive Data Universe

Our data universe comprises datapoints from billions of public and proprietary consumer records, giving a near-complete account of the UK adult population. And we regularly append – not replace – our records with fresh data, helping to ensure a complete record of the customer, over time.

Advanced Linking

We ensure high levels of data record accuracy and completeness by using our proprietary statistical linking capability to match and connect disparate data to an appropriate customer record. Each record is then assigned its own unique identifier – a LexID®.

Sophisticated Analytics and Insights

We apply data science and leverage proprietary algorithms to provide better decision intelligence.

Achieve a single view of your customers, with quality, connected data

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