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Efficient, widespread fact-finding

Is more information better? When you tap into multiple data sources for conducting investigations, you’re more likely to uncover critical details, but information that’s disorganised or disjointed can make it hard to connect the dots. Data overload can stall an investigation or send it racing in the wrong direction. If you can’t piece together relationships and associations, you risk losing sight of what’s important.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions helps you streamline your investigative workflow and zero in on the salient facts related to people and businesses with a lot less legwork. Our easy-to-use risk investigation and due diligence tools give you comprehensive information without sacrificing clarity. Avoid the noise created by untrustworthy data. Instead uncover relevant, verified data points including many that other resources overlook.

Our solutions help you conduct better background investigations and more thorough due diligence. They give you a current, up-to-date picture of the person or business you’re assessing.

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Count on LexisNexis® Risk Solutions to locate:

Mobile Numbers

Email Addresses

Property Information

Social Media Accounts

Business Information

Adverse Media

Bankruptcies, IVAs and CCJs

How to trace people and conduct investigations

Our solutions offer multiple ways to trace people and conduct investigations to fit your needs, whether it is online, batch or a custom solution.

Online Tracing

Should you need to trace people manually, our online tracing software, LexisNexis® TraceIQ® is the ideal solution. Built from extensive tracing knowledge, this people search tool is developed using powerful technology, and driven by our extensive portfolio of public, proprietary and multi-credit reference agency data.

Batch Tracing

If you need to efficiently locate a large volume of gone aways, your business can use our batch tracing service, which will trace people in bulk and provide potential forwarding address links.

Specialist Tracing

For specialised tracing purposes, such as locating hard to find deferred pension scheme members, our specialised team of dedicated forensic tracers can trace people and help verify their address in the UK and abroad.

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