COVID-19: Impact on the Pension Industry

In the latest edition of our Facing Change series, we speak to Girish Menezes, Head of Pension Administration at Premier Pensions Management and Director at the Pensions Administration Standards Association (PASA).

Girish discusses the impact that COVID19 has had on the industry highlighting:

  • How lockdown restrictions placed a fresh emphasis on the importance of data quality, innovative technology and investment in high quality people.

  • The need for trustees and administrators to drive the digitalisation agenda or risk being left behind.

  • How the industry is shifting away from command and control to a more decentralised operating model.

  • The shortcomings of legacy processes and why the sector needs to adopt advanced technology such as biometrics to manage member identity.

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“We are re-engaging with a higher percentage of our customers while reducing mailing costs and also reducing the risk of data protection breaches”

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