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Missing People

Data For Good

In the 21st century, data has become a commodity. For the tech giants and corporations alike, data is traded and accumulated like a currency. To criminals, data is a valuable tool with which to wreak havoc on individuals and organisations, committing all manner of fraud and cybercrime.

But not all data is created equally

The power of data is also increasingly being unleashed on some of society’s most compelling problems: rising cases of missing people and homelessness, the efficient distribution of emergency services, the consumption of our natural resources, and financial inclusion.

In our latest video series, we explore some of the myriad applications of data for the benefit of society, for individuals, and for the most vulnerable. Welcome to Data For Good.


Episode 1: Missing People

In the first episode of the series, we meet Missing People, the only UK charity dedicated to reuniting missing children and adults with their loved ones. Data and technology play a crucial role in the charity’s work, from helping trace lost contacts, to informing public policy and flagging when a homeless person has been reported as missing by relatives.

Data and technology expert, Dr Sally Eaves met Missing People CEO, Jo Youle, to find out more about their crucial work.

Missing People

Missing People are the only UK charity lifeline for anyone affected by someone going missing