AXA rolls out standardised approach to risk selection and management globally using LexisNexis® underwriting platform

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The AXA case study for risk showcases how award-winning insurer AXA was able to dramatically improve its risk exposure, pricing, underwriting performance and profitability by applying LexisNexis® Map View in its UK business, leading to a global roll out to drive a standardised approach and reap the same benefits worldwide.

Case Study:
“Prior to implementing LexisNexis® Map View, we were excluding some areas because we didn’t understand the risks and we were unsure of our accumulations in close proximity. LexisNexis® Map View has allowed us to improve risk selection thereby offering more competitive prices to customers who are less likely to have claims.

This innovative approach to underwriting has had a direct and significant impact upon our underwriting performance and profitability, as a result of much more accurate risk selection, and having a single, centralised view of all the risk on our books.” Douglas Barnett, Head of Customer Risk Management AXA UK