Finance & Leasing Association Fireside chat with Director of Motor Finance, Adrian Dally

Motor Finance Director at the Finance & Leasing Association, Adrian Dally, joins Business Development Manager David Burnham, for a fireside chat to understand some of the challenges the motor finance industry faces right now - and how the sector should address them.

In a detailed and wide-ranging discussion, the motor finance experts explore what they think is the priority credit risk challenge for the Motor Finance industry and how that might evolve over the next 12 months, as well as looking at:

  • Does low credit risk necessarily mean the absence of recent financial difficulty?
  • How the FCA has responded to the challenges faced by the sector.
  • What challenges do things like Consumer Duty pose for motor finance providers?
  • When will the boom in the second-hand car market end?
  • To what extent has digitalisation changed the lending/crediting process?
  • Is the industry seeing an increase in defaulted agreements or fraud as a result of the move to digital finance provision
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