Predicting the Global Gaming market in 2023

"The biggest challenge you have when you try and expand into new markets is accessing the right data to help you align with the regulation."

Discover Adam Doyle, Head of Gaming’s thoughts on what he thinks will impact the gambling market this year, including:

  • The upcoming UKGC affordability whitepaper
  • LatAm Market expansion
  • Building tailored journeys to each individual player
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"Consolidation is crucial to future success"

Neil Williams, Strategic account director shares his thoughts on:

  • Consolidating IDV, AML and other vendors across brands
  • Expanding into new markets
  • Why robust KYC is essential for success
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"With extra compliance you get better players coming through the door, better lifetime value from those players and ultimately a better customer journey."

Abdi Hussein, discusses the current gambling market across the globe and what he expects to see in 2023:

  • An increasing drive to online and mobile gambling
  • Protecting players across the world
  • Turning compliance challenges into opportunities
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