A Digital Divide

Assessing the extent of appetite among commercial property insurance providers for digitisation

Complimentary Whitepaper: A Digital Divide in Commercial Insurance

A divide is appearing in commercial property insurance between providers using digitisation and data enrichment and those yet to adopt these technologies.

Learn about the differing opinions among commercial property insurance providers towards the actual and potential value that digital technology and data enrichment in particular could deliver to their business.

Commercial property insurance providers find themselves operating in unpredictable conditions, with political and economic uncertainty having negative impacts on business activity in almost every industry. As in other parts of the insurance industry, some providers have concluded that effective use of digiisation, including data enrichment, which enhances available information related to existing or potential customers, is now a strategic imperative.

The research upon which this report is based represents an assessment of the extent of this appetite among commercial property insurance providers for digitisation and for the use of data enrichment in particular.


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