Money Laundering Exposed

Facing the Threat

Uncover the candid insights of senior anti-money laundering experts in the UK, who highlight where the UK is winning, but crucially, where we must improve to combat money laundering and the insidious crimes which rely on it. Topics include:

  • Barriers to information sharing
  • Conflicting legislation
  • Improving the SARs regime
  • The need for greater public/private collaboration

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Money Laundering Exposed: Facing the Threat

The ‘Money Laundering Exposed’ Initiative

If the UK is to effectively combat the flow of illicit funds, frank and open conversations with those on the frontline are required. LexisNexis® Risk Solutions is creating a platform for these discussions to take place and be shared, through its latest insight initiative – Money Laundering Exposed.

Combat money laundering with innovation, insight and technology

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