Online Age Verification: the issues surrounding age-restricted goods

Establishing the concerns and future plans of ecommerce businesses as they ramp up online sales

This whitepaper contains research findings gained from senior ecommerce professionals as they look to adapt workable age verification solutions for online sales.

Topics covered include:

  • What are the priorities for businesses looking to strengthen age verification processes
  • How does the current regulatory landscape look
  • Age verification methods used by ecommerce businesses
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Age Verification

An age old issue

The preference for self-certification to verify age may be at odds with the way in which regulation and expectations are moving. With the right technology in place, online retailers should be able to gain a clearer view of who they are selling to and protect their brand reputation. Download the white paper for more...

Ongoing Monitoring

Fraud Prevention

Our range of data solutions will help to mitigate fraud throughout the customer lifecycle; our IDU® product is designed to prevent and detect fraud, whilst our online tracing and investigation facility can be used to investigate fraud.
Batch Screening

Identity Verification

Electronic identity checks are increasingly employed and adopted by businesses and organisations everywhere. IDU® is one of the most powerful electronic identity check solutions available in the UK.
Secure Data Management

Age Verification

Preventing minors from purchasing age-restricted goods is the responsibility of all those trading online; IDU® delivers a remote and effortless age verification process, ideal for online retail.

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