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Get a Better View of Financial Counterparties Worldwide

Instantly access KYC documents, ownership charts, risk flags and more.

KYC analysts who onboard and assess financial counterparties have to gather many documents and datapoints. Contacting institutions, requesting information, and waiting for documents to be sent consumes time, and distracts analysts from the priority of assessing risk.

Bankers Almanac Counterparty KYC is the look-up tool that enables KYC analysts in your organisation to identify counterparties from almost 200,000 financial institutions. It provides your staff instant access to the comprehensive KYC information needed to conduct risk assessment.

Bankers Almanac is the definitive single source of financial counterparty KYC information, used by 98 of the 100 largest banks worldwide, as well as corporates. Our analysts source information directly from primary sources and proactively keep the intelligence up to date.


KYC analysts gain a full view of almost 200,000 financial institutions, with comprehensive data and documents provided via one tool.

Interactive group charts and ownership charts make it easy to spot and assess hidden risk, such as sanctioned ultimate beneficiary owners (module subscriptions required).

Analysts can easily download documents including supporting evidence to include in due diligence reports, enabling an efficient workflow and robust audit trail.


Bankers Almanac Counterparty KYC provides comprehensive KYC data for financial institutions, including: 

  • Head office and office branch details
  • Ownership chart
  • Group structure chart
  • Key personnel names 
  • Contact details
  • Financials
  • Historic bank information
  • LEI and GIIN numbers
  • Bank rank by assets and capital
  • Regulating body
  • Credit rating

Due Diligence Module
Instantly download up to date PDF documents to conduct due diligence on your financial counterparties:

  • Licenses (general, banks and offshore)
  • Anti-money laundering controls
  • US PATRIOT Act Certificates
  • Annual Reports
  • Corporate Governance Documents
  • Wolfsberg Group Questionnaire – CBDDQ
  • W-8BEN-E tax forms

Ultimate Beneficial Ownership Module Option
Identify ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) within financial institution structures.

  • 11,000+ UBOs worldwide
  • Clear ownership maps
  • Total percentage of the entity owned

Sanctions View Module Option
Quickly see if a financial institution is sanctioned or has sanctioned entities within its group structure.

  • Screens against all major sanctioning bodies
  • Sanctions flagged against individuals and entities
  • Download evidence for further investigation

State-Owned Enterprises View Module Option
Immediately identify if an entity has state ownership or links anywhere within its group structure.

  • Intelligence from 1,000 enforcement agencies and 32,000 media sources

Assess financial counterparty risk with ease download our Bankers Almanac KYC brochure to learn more.


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