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Avoid reputational and regulatory risk by checking your pension scheme data is accurate and up-to-date

Providing continuous monitoring of your pension scheme common data, LexisNexis® Existence seeks to highlight changes in your members’ details at the earliest possible opportunity. This is the most beneficial and proactive approach to eliminate overpayments, prevent fraud, and keep in line with The Pension Regulator’s record keeping guidance.

As an automated existence check process, it requires minimum resource from the client’s perspective while providing maximum protection. Alternatively, we can screen your entire member database on an ad-hoc, one-off basis.;

Existence employs the latest mortality and gone away databases which seeks to highlight changes in your members’ circumstances. The frequency of our data updates means we can provide weekly, monthly or quarterly notifications of changes.

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Automatic existence checks seeks to identify changes in your data by combining address verification with mortality screening

Living as stated

Living As Stated

The member is identified as residing at the provided address and missing information gets populated where possible.


The member’s residency could not be verified and no mortality match was found.
Gone aways

Gone Away

The member is not at the given address and should be located with deferred pension member tracing.


The member is matched to a mortality record within our database.

Guide: Reconnecting lost UK pension pots with their owners

Are you doing enough to maintain accurate member records in your pension scheme? Our free guide provides advice on steps to mitigate data decay and trace gone away members.
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