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Meet Customer, Transaction & Trade Compliance Screening Requirements

Use one solution to automate sanctions and money laundering screening.

LexisNexis® Firco Compliance Link automates your online compliance process.

Everything you need is on a single, comprehensive platform for unrivaled efficiency and simplicity. Streamline compliance while reducing costs and staying up to date with the ever-changing regulatory environment.


  • Streamline assessment of sanctions and money laundering risk — Screen customers, vendors, third-party relationships, financial transactions and trade activity against the full breadth of financial crime data.
  • Receive immediate notifications — When a customer’s risk profile changes, you need to know so you can take pre-emptive action. By applying a risk-based approach to remediation, Firco Compliance Link detects potential issues. Then you can assign responsibility level to individual staff members depending on experience and authority.
  • Explain screening decisions — You need to be confident in your answers when responding to questions posed by regulators or auditors regarding your actions. A robust audit trail with reporting capabilities, including tracking activity on matches and any data entered, allows you to quickly demonstrate when, where and how you executed checks.


Scalable and flexible, Firco Compliance Link offers automated, manual, real-time and batch screening options to meet the varying needs of each organisation:

  • Tailor the user interface by enabling analysts to only see relevant information needed to screen efficiently.
  • Minimise the burden of unproductive screening with our sophisticated case management and business rules.
  • Integrate your third-party systems efficiently with our RESTful API.
  • Select from a hosted or installed implementation according to your organisation’s budget, in-house expertise and internal policies.

Enhance screening with advanced options that seamlessly integrate with Firco Compliance Link:

  • Advanced watchlists — Hone your financial screening efforts by selecting targeted filter-optimised caution lists from Firco Global WatchList®. Lists include data on sanctions, regulations, politically exposed persons (PEPs), reputationally exposed persons (REPs) and more.
  • Trade finance screening — Add Firco Trade Compliance to cover dual use goods screening and vessel tracking.
  • Enhanced due diligence — Connect to Online Compliance, a look-up tool to perform further investigation on the networks of interconnected entities that link to the individual, company or vessel you are investigating.

In today’s ever-changing regulatory environment, you can’t be complacent in your approach to compliance. You need 100% confidence in your screening process. Now you can easily meet sanctions and anti-money laundering screening requirements with a universal, all-in-one screening solution.

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