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The telephone is one of the quickest and most direct means of communication but only if your customer data is accurate and up-to-date.

LexisNexis® Phone Match® is a tele-appending product that not only seeks to provide you with accurate and up-to-date telephone numbers for your customers, but will also allow you to screen mobile and landline numbers to check they are active and live – minimising time wasted calling out-of-service numbers.

Before committing to a full tele-appending exercise, request an audit of your database for free – providing a clear understanding of the results you’ll receive before you pay a penny.

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Drive productive communications with more accurate and live telephone numbers



Append numbers from the UK Telephone Directory and our proprietary database of landline and mobile telephone numbers.
Status check

Status Check

Run a ‘live’ check on your contact data as well as any appended numbers, to assist you to only contact numbers that are active. We also look to provide an alternative number for those that are out of service.
Reverse lookup

Reverse Lookup

Run a reverse telephone search on the numbers you supply and return any associated contact details for the individuals. Available as a batch solution and via web service.
Property ownership

Property Ownership

Confirm that your customer owns the home in the first instance. Verify whether or not the individual owns the stated property, whether it is jointly or solely owned and also provide the title number.

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