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Secure the integrity of your customer data with regular database cleansing

Data cleansing helps keep your records accurate and up-to-date

Your consumer database is a key business asset; regular data cleansing will retain its value, allowing you to maintain communication with your customers while helping you satisfy your obligations to data protection regulation.

Without regular data cleansing, customer contact details and other consumer data can decay at an alarming rate, quickly becoming inaccurate and unreliable. People move home, emigrate, change their phone number, marry, divorce and die.

Your consumer data can provide valuable insight into your customer base. But if data is neglected, it could greatly impact resources and costs, and could even have a detrimental effect on your business reputation and brand. Data cleansing will assist you in making your data more accurate and up to date; data enrichment will further that process, adding value to your database.

Minimise data decay

Minimise Data Decay

Limit data decay, such as address cleansing, identifying gone aways, or changes to personal details and circumstances such as determine whether customers are living or deceased.
Preference screening

Preference Screening

Protect your brand by screening against opt-out registers such as the Mailing Preference Service (MPS) and Telephone Preference Service (TPS).
Reduce regulatory risk

Reduce Regulatory Risk

Data protection legislation requires that stored personal data must be “current and accurate” Regular data cleaning can help.

Data cleansing services that secure your data integrity

Delivering industry leading results, LexisNexis® Risk Solutions provide customer data management solutions that cleanse and enhance your records, helping to maintain relevancy and accuracy. Our data cleansing solutions incorporate mortality screening, gone away flagging and suppression – procedures that will counteract the data decaying process.

Our datasets are constantly updated, enabling your consumer records to stay current and up-to-date. We are so confident that our data cleansing solutions will enhance your consumer database, we offer a free no-obligation data audit – claim yours today.

Intelligent data matching across a MULTIVERSE of information

A REVOLUTIONARY CONVERGENCE of expansive data and advanced linking for better results.

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Gone Aways

In many cases when people move home they fail to notify that they have done so, becoming a ‘gone away’, ultimately leading to a breakdown in communication and potentially becoming a lost client or customer.

Mortality Screening

Mortality screening can combat impersonation of the deceased fraud. Our mortality screening is also extensively used for general deceased suppression within customer databases.