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Reduce overpayments, fraud and regulatory risk with mortality screening

Save costs and your brand reputation with mortality checks

Mortality screening is the process of identifying deceased individuals within a contact database, an important component of customer data management.

According to the Disclosure of Death Registration Information (DDRI), over half a million people pass away in the UK every year. Knowing who within your database has died is of the utmost importance. Receiving communications intended for a deceased loved one can be distressing for the recipient. Also, impersonation of the deceased (IOD) fraud - when a criminal or opportunistic family member continues to receive monetary payments - can cost financial institutions millions of pounds per year.

Screening your database regularly for mortalities will help avoid fraudulent overpayments and incorrect or inappropriate mailings, in turn protecting both the consumer and your business. For many years, LexisNexis® Risk Solutions have helped the Life and Pension industry reduce overpayments with dedicated existence check solutions which not only check for mortalities but also check individuals are still living as stated.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions is part of a select number of companies licensed to receive DDRI data from the Identity and Passport Service. The feed gives notice of all deaths registered within the UK on a weekly basis, permitting data screening against the most up-to-date mortality information available. Supplemented with our existing mortality datasets that includes historic death data spanning back to 1976, our deceased screening delivers valuable options to combat fraud.

Helping you effectively manage your customer data

Ongoing Monitoring

Ongoing Monitoring

Continuous monitoring offers the highest level of fraud protection, data cleansing your records on a regular basis and as often as your require.
Batch Screening

Batch Screening

We can offer mortality screening on an ad hoc basis, batch screening all your records against our comprehensive mortality data.
Secure Data Management

Secure Data Management

Our ISO27001 accreditation validates our commitment to the highest standards of data management.

Gone but not forgotten: Working with Royal London to re-engage its gone aways

“We are re-engaging with a higher percentage of our customers while reducing mailing costs and also reducing the risk of data protection breaches”

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