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In the race to recover debts successfully and fairly, accurate and efficient debtor tracing is essential

Although a significant percentage of the UK population relocate annually – many will fail to inform creditors of their move, leaving outstanding debts in their wake. Prompt debtor tracing is key in the collection of such debts; however, this can only be achieved if the right debtor tracing tools and expertise are employed. We offer a range of powerful tracing services that will help meet your business requirements for quick and effective debtor tracing.
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Cleanse and Optimise

Prior to debtor tracing, we recommend that you cleanse and enrich your customer data. You’ll benefit from gaining a greater understanding of your debtors, allowing you to make quick informed decisions, boosting your return on investment. The process can help to:

  • Verify residency and flag gone aways
  • Tele-append landline and mobile numbers
  • Profile customers and their propensity to pay

Batch Tracing

If you have high volumes of debtors to trace, batch tracing is ideal. Utilising powerful data linking technology and forwarding address link databases, you can trace debtors on an automated batch basis.

  • Utlilise our proprietary address link database
  • Trace debtors 24/7 – manage your batch tracing through our online portal, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Increase trace success – advanced search logic will help you to locate debtors even when your data is not completely accurate

Online Tracing

Our self-key tracing facility, LexisNexis® TraceIQ®, is the ideal solution for in-house debtor tracing.

  • Intuitive, user friendly search tool – easy to use expandable profiles
  • Instant online access – improve your staff’s efficiency at tracing debtors
  • Single source tracing solution – access data from multiple credit bureaus, increasing trace success rates

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