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Customer data is a critical asset
Treat it as such.

Customer data drives critical business initiatives. Yet decisions are only as good as the quality of the data they rely upon and we regularly work with organisations that struggle with their data hygiene and subsequent customer analysis. Your consumer database is a key business asset; regular, effective data cleansing helps retain its value, allowing you to better understand your customers and engage with them effectively, while helping you to meet your data protection obligations.

Common events such as home moves, emigration, phone number changes, marriage, divorce and death can all lead to your customer data becoming inaccurate.

Your consumer data can provide valuable insight into your customer base. But if data is neglected, it could greatly impact resources and costs; even having a detrimental effect on your business reputation and brand. Data cleansing will assist you in making your data more accurate and up to date. This process can be furthered through data enrichment, enabling you to better understand your customer and deliver them greater value.

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Complimentary data quality checks

Validate and standardise customer data

Update outdated data

Enhance and enrich customer records

Reduce regulatory risk

Screen against opt-out registers

We provide a deeper, richer and more accurate view of customers

Extensive Data Universe

Our data universe comprises datapoints from billions of public and proprietary consumer records, giving a near-complete account of the UK adult population. And we regularly append – not replace – our records with fresh data, helping to ensure a complete record of the customer, over time.

Advanced Linking

We ensure high levels of data record accuracy by using our proprietary statistical linking capability to match and connect disparate data to an appropriate customer record. Each record is then assigned its own unique identifier – a LexID®.

Sophisticated Analytics and Insights

We apply data science and leverage proprietary algorithms to provide better decision intelligence.

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