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Bank Account Verification

Electronically verify ownership of bank account details in seconds, with high success rates

Multi-bureau bank account verification increases match rates, reduces the risk of failed transactions, supports KYC checks and avoids unnecessary delays for customers

Our multi-bureau bank account verification solution provides a simple, quick and easy way to electronically verify the bank details your customer provides, so you can be sure the account is registered to them, at the given address and that their account is live, so that transactions can be made quickly and with confidence.

We recognise the costs and risks associated with failed checks can be high, so we’ve significantly enhanced this capability, which now calls out directly to not one but two leading UK credit bureaus. This unique dual bureau capability means UK bank accounts that can’t be verified by the primary bureau are instantly referred to the secondary bureau, significantly improving overall success rates as a result of market-leading coverage of UK banks and building societies and account types.

Our industry-leading bank account verification:

Reduces customer friction

Avoids the need to request alternative proof such as bank statements to be sent through.

Reduces administrative burden

Reduces the administrative burden and data security risks associated with collecting, holding and processing sensitive personal documents.

Reduces the risk of reverse charges

Reduces the risk of reputational damage and reverse charges from banks for using the wrong bank account details.

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Multi-Bureau Bank Account Verification is available as part of LexisNexis® IDU®

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