Digital Trust
Using technology to build confidence in the unknown

What is digital trust? 

Trust is incredibly difficult to define and yet as individuals we do it instinctively, every day. For organisations, digital trust means using technology to design a safe online environment that encourages users or customers to confidently and freely entrust their personal identity information to a company or service in order to register or transact with them online. Digital trust also requires the organisation to be able to confidently and assuredly identify users and ensure that they grant access to, and transact only with genuine customers.

How can businesses build effective digital trust?

To answer this question, we conducted in-depth research in partnership with Censuswide among 4000 UK adults to explore UK consumer attitudes to digital trust in brands across financial services, online retail, media and streaming services, gaming and gambling, and government and law enforcement. We discovered how brands can build effective digital trust states with consumers, using design, device and connection to build confidence and assurance on both sides of the transaction.

Trust:Live is back! Building on the success of the last two years’ Trust:Live 2024 promises to arm business leaders with the very latest innovation, intelligence and practical insight to take back into their organisations to improve the fight against fraud.

A key focus for this year will be to delve deeper into the critical role that collaborative insight, advanced analytics and pioneering authentication technologies have in ensuring digital trust - building a superior level of contextual decision-making that puts consumer protection and customer experience at the core.

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Trust:Live 2023 Highlights

Why is digital trust so important?

For users to hand over control of their personal information online – whether to a well-known or unknown brand – they must take a ‘leap of trust’. For that to happen, there must be a high level of trust that the organisation will do everything it can to minimise the risk of their data being compromised and otherwise prevent them from becoming a victim of fraud or identity theft.

The challenge for organisations in pursuit of digital trust, is how to design the user experience that both creates these trust conditions whilst also delivering the fast and convenient user experience consumers expect from today’s digital services. With digital transformation increasingly bringing almost every conceivable service online, digital trust is increasingly becoming one of the most valuable commodities for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

How we can help

LexisNexis® Digital Identity Network®

What does your business need to do to establish trust, remove risk, ensure compliance and manage customer experience online – all as the transaction occurs?

The LexisNexis® Digital Identity Network® goes beyond device intelligence, beyond static identity data, and beyond passwords and usernames.