A New Paradigm in Digital Identity

The LexisNexis® Digital Identity Network® goes beyond device intelligence, beyond static identity data, and beyond passwords and usernames.
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LexisNexis® Digital Identity Network®

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Striking the Right Balance

The digital economy is now the dominant economy, driving digital transformation that has changed consumer interactions from location-centric and in-person, to digital and increasingly global.

Consumers expect a seamless, secure experience across all channels, in addition to minimum friction and instant access to services. At the same time, fraudsters and criminals have become adept at evolving attack typologies, deploying increasingly sophisticated attacks across regions, industries and the customer journey – raising a challenging question for all businesses operating online today.

What does your business need to do to establish trust, remove risk, ensure compliance and manage customer experience online – all as the transaction occurs?

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Trust. Experience. Risk.

The Digital Identity Network is unique in its ability to effectively and confidently build trust, while reducing fraud risk and preserving a seamless customer experience. By understanding how a digital persona transacts online – following the digital footprints they leave behind as they transact – we can effectively connect the dots to create one unique digital identity that is dynamic and can’t be faked.

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These identities are used by businesses across industries and geographies to instantly and transparently validate the multitude of trust decisions they make in every digital transaction:

  • Do I accept this new application?
  • Is this a legitimate payment?
  • Do I allow this user to log in?

All of these decisions are powered by the globally connected Digital Identity Network.


Prevent Fraud, Identify Risk
and Ensure Compliance.


Enhance Digital Experience, Sales Conversion
and Customer Satisfaction.


Establish and Enhance Trust for Customers,
Transactions and Brand.

It Takes a Network to Fight a Network

The best way to tackle complex, global cybercrime is by using the power of a global shared network. The Digital Identity Network collects and processes billions of consumer interactions, with each and every transaction having a plethora of information about the transacting digital persona - from device and location, to email and behaviour.

Over multiple transactions, this information builds a unique picture of that particular digital persona; its normal behaviour and preferred device, to name just two. Using this information, a unique digital identity is created; behaviour that deviates from this trusted digital identity can be identified as the transaction occurs, alerting businesses to potential fraud.

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A Network That Grows More Powerful Each Day

The Digital Identity Network enables businesses to genuinely understand the complex, networked inter-relationships between every piece of information we know about an individual transaction, building this into a digital identity over time.

Protecting Against the Growing Threat of Networked Cybercrime

Crime is operating on a global scale in vast, interconnected networks that are unrestricted by regional, country and industry borders. The Network harnesses digital identity and biometrics intelligence from thousands of global businesses, across millions of daily transactions, and billions of data points. A network without borders to defend against fraud without borders.


Consumers and fraudsters alike are maximising the opportunities that a global digital economy affords. While consumers enjoy access to goods and services from all over the world, fraudsters harness stolen identity data to launch corresponding global attacks. However, there are also regional nuances in cybercrime that reflect the economic, cultural and social differences of each individual country, and these insights can add further context to the analysis of fraud without borders.

By Industry

Cybercriminals often move money across industries, cashing out with a fraudulent payment in financial services, a digital gift card purchase in e-commerce, or a gambling account credit. Likewise, they may use a fraudulent account registration in one industry to make an attack in another industry more successful.

At a Business Level

Cybercrime can severely hinder the ability for businesses to provide products and services to good, trusted users. Mass bot attacks, for example, sometimes make up 90% of an individual business’s daily transaction volume.

Why Choose the Digital Identity Network?

Strength and Depth

Capturing billions of global transactions monthly across multiple industries such as banking, eCommerce and media provide comprehensive digital intelligence insights.

Market-leading Insights

Combining a unique digital identifier, reliable confidence scoring and visualisation graphs to provide a 360 degree view of a entities digital footprint.

Single API and Orchestration Layer

Powerful fraud and authentication decisioning across all use cases and throughout the entire customer journey, from new account opening and onboarding, and throughout the customer lifecycle.

Integrated Tools

Incorporates near real time event and session data, third-party signals, and global intelligence into a single, smart authentication tool.

Advanced Behavioural Analytics and Machine Learning

Dynamically analyses digital persona behaviour to build more accurate risk models, resulting in fewer false positives and lower fraud levels.

Fast, Easy Deployment

API-enabled integration combined with a dedicated team of support specialists, allows simple and straightforward integration with existing systems.

Trust:Live is back! Building on the success of the last two years’ Trust:Live 2024 promises to arm business leaders with the very latest innovation, intelligence and practical insight to take back into their organisations to improve the fight against fraud.

A key focus for this year will be to delve deeper into the critical role that collaborative insight, advanced analytics and pioneering authentication technologies have in ensuring digital trust - building a superior level of contextual decision-making that puts consumer protection and customer experience at the core.

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