Facing Change

The #FacingChange series explores the impact of the global pandemic on government, industry and others, sharing experiences, opinions and supporting the wider conversation during these uncertain times. Throughout the series of video-chats with special guests, we will be examining what might come from this unique situation and asking, once it's all over, what will the new normal look like?

#30 Welcoming the Pensions Dashboard

With Anthony Rafferty

We caught up with Anthony Rafferty, Managing Director, of ORIGO an Edinburgh-based Fintech playing a central role in the implementation of the UK’s Pension Dashboard.

Anthony discusses the conflict between engrained manual processes and the new remote working norms; the importance of reliable and accurate personal data in a digital transformation process; the impact of shifting fraud trends on the sector; and looks forward to a transformational Pensions Dashboard for the UK, as well as considering what learnings the sector can take from this crisis.

#29 Anti-corruption and human rights

With Katja Bechtel

Katja Bechtel, lead for the Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) at the World Economic Forum, on the impact of the pandemic and resulting economic turmoil on the fight against global corruption.

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#28 Technology and asset management

With Antony Bream

Antony Bream, Managing Director (EMEA & Americas) of Wealth Dynamix highlights the sector’s evolution from compliance-led change and the shifting viewpoint of compliance as simply a business cost.

#27 Wealth Management Sector Perspectives

With Charlotte Thorne

Is the ongoing disruptions of COVID-19 dragging the sector further towards digitalisation, and is it a good thing for the industry?

Charlotte Thorne, Founding Partner at Capital Generation Partners, an independently-owned boutique wealth management firm, talks about the challenge of ever-tightening regulation and global sanctions on the wealth management sector and the effects on individual businesses.

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#26 Wealth Management Sector in 2020

With James Anderson

Has the Wealth Management industry invested enough in digitalisation of processes and tools to facilitate compliance, KYC, customer service and communications for the modern era?

James Anderson – Founder and Editor in Chief at PAM Insight, the leading provider of essential and specialist news and analysis for the wealth management sector, shares his views on how the industry has changed over the past 20+ years.

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#25 Navigating Global Sanctions

With Justine Walker

What sanctions compliance teams need to think about over the next 12-24 months.

In a wide-ranging and insightful discussion, Justine Walker, Head of Global Sanctions and Risk at ACAMS talks about the ever-shifting complexities and geo-political influences of the sanctions landscapes as well as some of the forthcoming events likely to further shift the goalposts.

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With Martin Bird

Is market volatility creating opportunity?

Martin Bird, Senior Partner and Head of Risk Settlement at AON, shares his views on the effect of the current social and economic situation on the UK pensions de-risking market.

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#23 Impact On Pension Industry

With Girish Menezes

With the pensions dashboard on the horizon and digital-only services in high demand, “self-service” has suddenly become incredibly important.

Girish Menezes, Director at the Pensions Administration Standards Association (PASA) and Head of Pension Administration at Premier Pensions Management, talks about the “fascinating” impact that COVID-19 has had on the industry, with respect to providers quickly moving from a command and control to a far more decentralised operating model.

#22 Anti-bribery Compliance Challenges

With Richard Bistrong

Why the fight against fraud is a critical component of how businesses react to the extraordinary set of challenges posed by COVID-19.

Richard Bistrong is CEO of Front-Line Anti-Bribery LLC, a Consultancy dedicated to assisting organisations with anti-bribery compliance challenges as they impact front-line business teams.

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