Facing Change

The #FacingChange series explores the impact of the global pandemic on government, industry and others, sharing experiences, opinions and supporting the wider conversation during these uncertain times. Throughout the series of video-chats with special guests, we will be examining what might come from this unique situation and asking, once it's all over, what will the new normal look like?

#23 Impact On Pension Industry

With Girish Menezes

With the pensions dashboard on the horizon and digital-only services in high demand, “self-service” has suddenly become incredibly important.

Girish Menezes, Director at the Pensions Administration Standards Association (PASA) and Head of Pension Administration at Premier Pensions Management, talks about the “fascinating” impact that COVID-19 has had on the industry, with respect to providers quickly moving from a command and control to a far more decentralised operating model.

#22 Anti-bribery Compliance Challenges

With Richard Bistrong

Why the fight against fraud is a critical component of how businesses react to the extraordinary set of challenges posed by COVID-19.

Richard Bistrong is CEO of Front-Line Anti-Bribery LLC, a Consultancy dedicated to assisting organisations with anti-bribery compliance challenges as they impact front-line business teams.

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#21 Supply Chain: Anti-Bribery & Corruption

With Barry Robinson

“With shortened supply and increased demand, that will always bring about a risk of the potential for bribery and corruption which companies need to be aware of.”

Barry Robinson, Director of Forensics Services, BDO Ireland, discusses anti-bribery and corruption in the supply chain, the industries he thinks are particularly at risk, and why he believes anti-money laundering has come under greater scrutiny at board level in recent times.

#20 Maintaining Consumer & Financial Well-Being

With David Dalton Brown

“The drop in the market was the sharpest I’ve ever seen and consumers weren’t able to react quick enough, they took the loss very quickly and weren’t able to get out.”

David Dalton Brown, CEO at Tisa, spoke with Angus Sim about maintaining and improving consumer and financial wellbeing, bounce back loans, open banking and the role of digital id.

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#19 Data Sovereignty

With Alistair Johnson

“There needs to be a change in the way we move forward. Should policy makers be prescribing the data?”

Alistair Johnson, CEO of Nuggets, discusses taking back control of your data and why personal information should be owned and controlled by the person.

#18 Complexities of global trade

With Rob Donohoe

“The challenge for an organisation that operates across the world, is to make sure that you’ve a broad enough data privacy, compliance and risk management framework to ensure that you accommodate all variances and nuances.”

Rob Donohoe, Data Protection Officer for eShopWorld, discusses the challenges and opportunities created by the current crisis for international eCommerce providers.

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#17 Anti-Bribery & Corruption

With Daniel Bruce

“Now should be the time organisations are examining their own approaches to risk management, compliance, and prevention of bribery and corruption.”

Daniel Bruce, CEO of Transparency International UK, discusses the pandemic’s impact on corporate transparency, corruption and bribery.

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#16 Sovereign Debt & Financial Crime

With Ian Clark

“Even with the best systems in the world in place, you still see determined financial criminals being able to manipulate large sums of money through legitimate financial institutions to achieve their objectives.”

Ian Clark, Partner at White & Case, highlights the impact of the global pandemic on some of the most vulnerable states, their reliance on international debt markets and the need for thorough due diligence by those investing in capital markets.

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#15 Impact on Wealth Management

With Katarina Cook

“It's really important that we stop thinking about financial crime as a separate function, a separate check, a separate system, because actually the only way to really detect financial crime is to look at behaviour and understand the client pattern.”

Katarina Cook, Head of Financial Crime and MLRO at Brewin Dolphin, one of the UK’s leading investment management and financial planning firms, discusses the main financial crime challenges facing the wealth management industry post COVID-19 and how we can expedite recovery.

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