Railpen: Serving Members Through Digital Excellence

Discover how one of the UK’s largest pension schemes – Railpen – put their members at the heart of their digital transformation journey.

“For me, it’s about coming at it from the members’ perspective... what do your members need?”
– Neil Brady, Director, Rail Administration at Railpen

Safeguarding and administering the pensions of over 500,000 members, how did Railpen embrace digitalisation and ensure member needs were at the heart of the process?

In this interview, Neil Brady, Director, Rail Administration at Railpen, chats with Steve Arnison, Vice President at LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, about Railpen’s journey to provide their members with access to 24hr digital services. Topics include:

  • What were the obstacles and challenges Railpen faced in digitalising their services?
  • How did Railpen ensure key stakeholders were on board?
  • How did Railpen tackle issues of data quality?
  • What are the mission critical elements when digitalising in pensions?

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