White Paper:
Adopting Behavioural Biometrics to Counter Scam Attacks

Fraud prevention experts examine how Behavioural Biometrics can help keep customers safe and deliver the best experience with passive authentication.
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Consumers admit to avoiding P2P services as a direct result of fraud concerns

Fraud executives are deeply concerned about increasing global fraud attacks and the effects they are having on consumer confidence and behaviour. This latest white paper produced by global analysts, Aite-Novarica explores the challenges businesses face in addressing sophisticated fraud threats as a result of growing digital adoption and the high service expectations of online users.
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This in-depth white paper also explores...

The issues fraud executives rank as among their highest concerns

How behavioural biometrics technology is helping tackle the problem

Benefits of a multi-layered fraud solution at onboarding

How to reduce false positives without affecting the customer journey

Discover how to establish genuine trust with digital customers

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