The Future of Digital Trust:

Digital trust and a new era of authentication for digital services.
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The new battleground

Digital trust is a key future battleground for online services. Firms that can build strong, enduring digital trust with their customers whilst providing a fast and seamless experience, will be the ones that hold the competitive advantage.

New technology is about to radically alter how we engage with organisations and each other, in both traditional 2D and altered Web3 environments. A fundamental part of how organisations are learning to embrace this change is to ensure they understand the importance of trust in this equation.

Do they have the trust of their customers, and do they understand enough about them to reciprocate that trust?

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Welcome to an Authentaverse

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions and The Future Laboratory™ have produced a ground-breaking report that explores a ‘citizen first’ perspective on digital trust to unpack, analyse and explore the key concepts shaping digital trust and identity authentication.

The report is a must-read for organisations who need to ensure they’re prepared for the changes being driven by the new trust ‘ecosystems’ shaping future digital environments to ensure they understand the implications for their business when enabling their customers to safely navigate between these 3D and 2D virtual environments.

“Three in four UK financial services firms see Digital Trust as a key strategic focus.”

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions research

In this report:

Digital Trust: Why Now

A call to action on the increasing importance of digital trust to society and business.

The Circle of Trust: What to Know

What is digital trust’s outlook and why a change of approach is needed.

The Trust Landscape: What’s Happening?

What are the sociocultural changes taking place shaping future ‘trust’ requirements.

The Pillars of Digital Trust: How to Win

A practical framework to meet future industry requirements of digital trust.

Welcome to the Authentaverse

Embracing the pillars of trust will deliver an authentaverse that acts as the enabler of the new online world that is evolving around us.

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