Improving your Card Not Present fraud defences

Understand how access to enriched intelligence and changes in Strong Customer Authentication can improve Card Not Present fraud prevention.
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Card Not Present Fraud Prevention Guide

Card Not Present (CNP) fraud has become big business for financial criminals. In 2021, UK Finance estimated that it represented over 86% of all card fraud in the UK. Fraudsters have reasoned that the underlying weaknesses, inherent in the remote purchase ecosystem, provide them with a lucrative opportunity to exploit unwitting customers and patchy defences from banks, payment providers and merchants.

Our guide will show you how enriched data – such as device, behavioural biometric and geolocation – can be leveraged in the CNP journey to help address this problem. It also discusses the changes to 3DS(2) Strong Customer Authentication protocols, as a result of coming into force in 2021.

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It will help parties involved in the CNP ecosystem create an enhanced, sophisticated and dynamic card authentication process that will help them to:

Reduce transaction risk assessment rates

Drive down CNP false positives

Reduce losses to CNP fraud

Balance frictionless customer experience with reduced risk

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The time has never been better to get ahead of CNP/remote purchase fraud.

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