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Enable your customers to quickly identify themselves, on the go

Provide a streamlined customer experience that combines speed and accuracy


Identify more customers with electronic identity proofing you can trust

Consumers are increasingly demanding the capability to complete an application entirely online. The LexisNexis® IDU® Mobile App gives your customers the ability to securely access services wherever they are.

Providing a smooth and safe customer experience

Putting the identity process securely in the hands of your customer...

The customer receives a request via SMS or email from LexisNexis® Risk Solutions on behalf of your business, asking them to complete an identity check. This includes a unique registration code and a link to download the LexisNexis® IDU® Mobile App.

The customer installs the application and logs in using their unique registration code.

The customer takes a selfie and completes a liveness check to verify they are a real and present person; facial biometrics will ensure the individual behind the Identity check is present.

Document authentication technology uses advanced algorithms to check ID documents against an extensive library. Facial recognition software verifies the photo ID against the selfie (where available NFC technology adds a further layer of assurance).

On completion of all required steps, the customer receives acknowledgement that all details have been submitted. Completed applications are combined with our market-leading data from multiple credit bureaus, as well as AML and KYC checks.

The results are made available, either within our online identity management platform for manual processing or via API, for quick automated processing.

Lift revenues by converting more customers, more quickly

Lower the likelihood of customers abandoning a poor or lengthy sign up or sign in process.

Improve customer experience

Prioritise speed and convenience for customers without compromising on security.

Reduce costs

Improve the quality of identity checks to reduce the time it takes to deal with false positives.

Detect and prevent fraud

Take advantage of new approaches and technologies to keep a step ahead of the criminals.

LexisNexis® IDU®

Digitally identify genuine customers

Combine seamless customer experience with  multi-dimensional fraud and identity checks


See how the LexisNexis® IDU® Mobile App can help you onboard customers quickly and easily

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