Enable your customers to quickly identify themselves, wherever they are

Multi-layered identity verification that helps your customers prove their identity quickly, easily and remotely. Meet your KYC compliance needs, establish trust and prevent fraud by combining document and data-centric verification.
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LexisNexis® IDU® Remote Check

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Getting the balance right:
Risk vs Friction

The UK has been labelled the fraud capital of the world1 and it’s no surprise when an estimated 1 in 4 Britons have fallen victim to a scam2.

Consumers need to trust the businesses and processes they are interacting with, the previously aspirational ‘frictionless’ user experience isn’t entirely reflective of what consumers want3. Consumers’ priorities are shifting4, they want to see businesses taking the necessary measures to protect their identities by adopting robust, fast, and straightforward identity verification methods.

IDU® Remote Check

With simple, online identity verification you can build trusted relationships with genuine customers and improve their experience without compromising on risk. IDU® Remote Check helps prospective and existing customers prove their identity quickly and prevent bad actors from exploiting remote onboarding and authentication processes.

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How can online identity verification help?

Improve Your Customer Experience

No more in-person document checks, the browser-based service facilitates seamless, on-demand digital journeys that can help improve customer satisfaction and decrease dropouts.

Reduce Identity Fraud

Reduce the risk of identity fraud and fraud related losses through increased identity assurance.

Provide Greater Account Security

Can be used as a form of step-up authentication where accounts need higher levels of security.

Financial Crime Compliance

Remote Check helps your business meet its customer due diligence requirements and KYC/AML obligations.

Features of IDU® Remote Check

Document Capture and Fraud Assessment

Remote check allows you to analyse up to 16,000 global documents for authenticity and fraud. Global coverage allows you to scale as your business does.

Facial Biometrics

Ensure the user presenting the document is the owner of that document. With precise facial matching accuracy of you don’t have to compromise your risk appetite to attain a positive user experience. Improved accuracy means less remediation.


When relying on document-centric and biometric verification methods liveness is a vital component to ensuring the process can’t be exploited by bad actors. Liveness detection confirms the person is live and present, protecting the business from spoofing attacks such as screen replay, masks and other manipulation tactics. Remote check uses seamless non-action-based (passive) liveness. Requiring less time for users to complete the process.

Fully Managed UI and Whitelabelling

Remove technology and maintenance overhead by leveraging our customisable image capture UI.

Triangulate the Identity with Trusted Data

Don’t let sophisticated frauds and bad actors exploit disjointed processes. Add further assurance to your Identity Verification and KYC activities by confirming the data captured from the identity document matches that held by trusted and authoritative data source. Confirm the identity has existed over time and identify risks that may be associated to the identity or information provided.

Get Started in a Day*

We understand that sometimes you need to quickly adapt to changing risk. The IDU interface allows you to start assuring identities quickly.

*Subject to successful completion of due diligence checks and paperwork being signed and processed.

How it works

Process can be completed in under a minute.

Step 1:

A unique URL is created and sent to the user via email or SMS. If accessed on a desktop or laptop computer, the consumer can be transferred to mobile via a QR code displayed on the screen. If integrating into your own systems, this can be embedded into existing webpages.

Step 2:

The user is guided to take a picture of their identity document – the camera will automatically align and capture a document.

Step 3:

The user is prompted to take a selfie. They are guided through the capture process and the picture is taken automatically after they have confirmed they are in position.

Step 4:

All done. Collected information is sent and processed.

Results are collated and visible via the LexisNexis® IDU® interface or via your own systems if integrating the functionality.

Identity Verification Service Vendors Reports:
IDV Providers ranked by Juniper Research & The Forrester Wave™

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions has recently been recognised as a leader among digital identity verification solutions by two global analyst firms in their latest reports on the market.
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See how LexisNexis® IDU® Remote Check
can help you onboard customers quickly and easily

LexisNexis® IDU® SDK

Unleash the power of LexisNexis IDU directly into your own mobile applications by using the IDU SDK. Enable your customers to remotely identify themselves in your own app.
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