LexisNexis® Property Insights

Integrate more accurate, valuable property information directly into your existing workflow, helping to improve risk assessment
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Find out how Property Insights could help you

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Property data to help improve your profitability

LexisNexis® Property Insights is one of the industry’s first property data enrichment solutions, to be delivered directly into insurance providers’ work streams at point of quote.

Property Insights leverages extensive property datasets to support more accurate pricing and help reduce loss ratios through a more granular assessment of the property risk, during the insurance application process. Property Insights can also help with the verification of consumer-supplied data at quote, allowing for a more streamlined customer experience and improved segmentation of risk.

Property Insights

Assess risk more accurately

Speed up the quote process for customers, cut dropout rates and improve rating inputs

Property Insights

Price more accurately

More accurate risk assessments drive the ability for superior customer segmentation, allowing you to price with increased granularity to profitably grow your portfolio

Property Insights 

Improved customer journey

Aggregating property attribute data available at point of contact or point of quote, facilitates a more holistic understanding of the risk by focusing on the individual property itself

How does Property Insights work?

Flexible delivery directly into your application, pricing and underwriting workflows

Provides a wide-ranging choice of property attributes to suit your needs

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Find out how Property Insights could help you

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