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Contacting your ‘uncontactables’

How LexisNexis® Risk Solutions can help you achieve better debt recovery, with less time spent tracing debtors.

  • Are you experiencing delays in chasing outstanding debts as a result of out-of-date customer contact details?
  • Do you have properties on your books where you don’t know the details of the current occupier?
  • Have you lost contact with customers who have changed address without notifying you?
  • Have you ever chased a debt, only to find out the customer has died?

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions can help you significantly improve debt recovery, with less time spent tracing debtors. Our solutions allow you to locate and contact more of your otherwise ‘uncontactable’ customers, giving you the opportunity to collect debts that would otherwise have been written off, or passed onto a third party debt collector.

Debtor Tracing

Debtor Tracing

We offer a range of tracing services that will help meet your business requirements for effective debt recovery.
Customer Data Management

Customer Data Management

Maintain the highest level of data management, ensuring your customer data is current, correct and embraces key contact information.


Improve your contact rates with access to millions of frequently updated landline and mobile telephone numbers.

Improve debt recovery with market-leading coverage

Businesses can quickly lose touch with their customers. Latest figures show that the number of UK home movers is at a 10-year high.1 The problem of tracing people who have changed address can then be further exacerbated by name changes, as well as changes in contact details.

Our online debtor tracing solution – LexisNexis® TraceIQ® – offers an easy-to-use search interface, providing access to market-leading coverage of the UK population, with data derived from 2 of the leading 3 UK credit bureaus. Unlike competitors, our multi-bureau data is accessible instantly, within a federated search, so you can be assured of the best result, upfront.

Understand your customers’ circumstances

TraceIQ provides updated customer data to reflect any changes in residential or mortality status.

Remediation Level 2

Locate and contact customers with enriched data

TraceIQ provides additional data to enrich your existing customer information, to help locate uncontactable customers and assess the likelihood of being able to recover debts. This includes additional contact information (phone numbers and email addresses); financial indicators that might impact the ability to recover debts (e.g. CCJs and insolvencies); and collection scores (aggregated information to assess likelihood of debt recovery).

Batch data cleansing and enrichment

The expansive data and functionality of TraceIQ is also available via our self-serve batch data cleansing solutionLexisNexis® Smartcleanse®, allowing you to regularly screen and enrich high volumes of customer records.

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