Industry Report: Economic Crime Revisited

A brand new report for 2023, analysing the effectiveness of UK economic crime prevention efforts and featuring the perspectives of three leading experts in the field.
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Three leading financial crime prevention specialists speak out:

Read this probing analysis of the impact of new legislation on economic crime prevention efforts and the priorities needed for the UK to become more effective, featuring:

Nick Lewis, OBE

Global Head of Integrated Intelligence and Investigations at Standard Chartered Bank and a former regional director for the Serious Organised Crime Agency SOCA

Peter O’Doherty

Assistant Commissioner at City of London Police and the National Police Chiefs’ Council Coordinator for Cyber and Economic Crime

Nigel Kirby

Head of the Group Financial Intelligence Unit at Lloyds Banking Group

Has any progress been made? 

In 2018, LexisNexis® Risk Solutions published Money Laundering Exposed: a detailed study into the damage wrought by money laundering. The report questioned leading frontline anti-fraud experts on whether they felt financial crime detection and prevention was keeping pace with criminal activity.

Economic Crime: Revisited returns four years and a global pandemic later to readdress these crucial questions, asking three prominent figures leading the UK’s response to economic crime for their perspectives and asking; ‘has any real progress been made?’

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Discover our experts’ perspectives on:

Progress made across public and private sectors to stem the flow of economic crime passing through the UK

Whether regulatory compliance is focussing on the right activities

Are current information sharing rules and frameworks fit for purpose

The effectiveness of legislative tools and resources to support the fight against financial crime

What is holding the UK back from making a bigger impact on economic crime prevention

How to ensure the UK's best talent is focussed on crime prevention

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