Identity Verification Service Vendors Reports:
IDV Providers ranked by Juniper Research & The Forrester Wave™

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions has recently been recognised as a leader among digital identity verification solutions by two global analyst firms in their latest reports on the market.

What do leading analysts believe are the key building blocks of an effective IDV solution for organisations in 2023?

Find out more about key functionality in areas such as orchestration of physical and digital attributes, configurability, scale and geographic coverage of identity attributes.

Juniper Research ranked LexisNexis® Risk Solutions as a top three vendor, praising us highly for our “powerful competitive advantage in this market.”

Digital Identity Verification Competitor Leaderboard 2022-2027

The Forrester Wave™ ranked LexisNexis® Risk Solutions as a leader in digital IDV, recognising our “comprehensive IDV solution.”

The Forrester Wave™ Identity Verification Solutions, Q4 2022 report

“With the rise of identity theft across all industries, digital IDV (identity verification) is becoming central to the customer digital journey.”

The Forrester Wave™: Identity Verification Solutions, Q4 2022 report

Enabling trusted customer interactions

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions has been evaluated by two independent global analyst firms for the quality and breadth of its digital identity verification data and technology solutions. Juniper Research ranked us as a top three vendor, alongside Microsoft and IT company, Thales. Meanwhile, analyst firm Forrester gave us their highest possible rating in 17 out of 22 criteria across three categories: current offering, strategy and market presence.

The independent reports separately ranked providers on their ability to deliver against a wide range of criteria, including leveraging broad data sets, the application of machine learning and their ability to service a broad range of use cases. They also considered important strategic factors such as product vision, execution roadmap, planned enhancements, delivery model and supporting products and services, in their analysis.

In both reports we were recognised for our ability to offer organisations a range of options to meet their IDV needs in respect of intelligently orchestrating and layering both physical and digital identity attributes to create a seamless and efficient IDV framework.

Discover our IDV solutions

Below are some of the key products in our digital identity verification portfolio, evaluated in either or both of the Juniper Research and Forrester Wave™ IDV vendor assessment reports.


LexID® was commended by Juniper specifically for its ability to provide powerful statistical linking to a range of identity attributes to create a more centralised, holistic, view of an individual.

IDU® Remote Check

With simple, document-centric online identity verification you can build trusted relationships with genuine customers, improve their experience and protect your business from fraud. IDU® Remote Check helps prospective and existing customers prove their identity quickly, easily and remotely.

Digital Identity Network®

With its global crowdsourced network of billions of digital identity attributes, combined with industry leading behavioural biometric insight (and its ability to incorporate ‘truth data’ in a real-time feedback loop flagging known bad-actors), the Digital Identity Network® is one of the game-changing solutions that both Juniper and Forrester recognised as leading the way for IDV technology.

ThreatMetrix® and Emailage®

Our range of IDV and fraud solutions help clients understand the digital DNA of their online users through their online interactions and manage a host of risks associated with email address, device, location, connection type and more. Spot suspicious behaviour as the transaction occurs and make well-informed trust and identity decisions, without adding unnecessary friction for genuine customers.


Our best-in-class behavioural biometrics technology provides a seamless experience to genuine users, actively identifying threats and confidently protecting your customers.

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