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Accelerate insurance underwriting and step up insurance risk management with powerful data and advanced analytics from LexisNexis. Leverage industry-wide data to better assess customer risk by validating at the point of application information supplied by your customers. HPCC, LexisNexis Big Data platform, connects disparate data sources to create a more complete risk profile.

Helping deliver data-driven underwriting decisions

Improve customer workflows

Data and analytics from LexisNexis can help automate your customer workflows. Our unique data assets and scalable technology help improve underwriting application cycle times and claims processing.

Boost risk assessment

Powered by our big-data platform, HPCC Systems, we help insurers obtain a better understanding of their customers' associated insurance risk. Our unique capabilities enable you to build a clearer picture of your applicant's profile and previous claims history.

Combat fraud and misrepresentation

Insurance fraud costs the industry an estimated $6.25bn per annum, about 9% of premiums. Data from LexisNexis Risk Solutions could help mitigate fraud by uncovering areas of application misrepresentation which may otherwise have been missed.

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"Prior to LexisNexis Risk Solutions, manual processing of the huge volumes of no claims histories a year was diluting our efforts to the point where it was effectively seeking to spot the proverbial needle in the haystack."
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