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Driving your risk strategies. Growing your profit.
Assess, predict and manage risk more efficiently across your business

From acquiring new customers to helping to prevent fraud – you can count on LexisNexis solutions and expertise to help you make data driven decisions.

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Commercial Property

Analytics-driven commercial property insurance solutions that help maximise profitability, improve customer relationships and make you the insurer of choice.


Insightful, data driven motor insurance solutions to help you understand your market, your customers, and improve your operational processes.


Market leading home insurance solutions that help you reduce risk, improve pricing and identify new areas for business growth.

Data and Analytics Modelling

Advanced insurance data analytics that give you the answers you need to help maximise profits and gain the competitive edge.


Deliver an exceptional customer experience by leveraging real-time data intelligence and analytics modelling at Point of Quote.


Innovative telematics solutions to help you gain insight from multiple data sources and simplify end-to-end programme execution.


Automated and credible data solutions that help you simplify your workflow, price more accurately and establish operational efficiencies.

Location Intelligence

Location intelligence technology provides valuable location-based data. Get insights to drive more precise property underwriting and help improve your business.

Financial Crime Compliance

Combat financial crime and manage your compliance obligations, while supporting business objectives.

Fraud and Identity Management

Confidently manage new and existing customer identity and mitigate the risk of fraud.

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We believe in the power of data and analytics
to manage risk and uncover opportunity.

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