Uncover fraud risk upfront, whilst enabling frictionless processing for trusted customers

LexisNexis® FraudPoint™ UK uses predictive analytics powered by LexisNexis® Risk Solutions extensive data resources, advanced statistical linking and supercomputing technology, to help catch fraud at the point of customer application.
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LexisNexis® FraudPoint™ UK

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A perfect storm of identity fraud risk

Drawing on over 1,000 fraud attributes taken from billions of public and private records, FraudPoint UK helps to uncover difficult-to-spot, suspicious connections and anomalies that might indicate a risk of fraud, allowing businesses to take action instantly and prevent fraud before it causes harm further downstream. All of this also means a better and faster experience for genuine, trusted customers.

Fraudsters are using credentials stolen from global data breaches and scams to open new accounts and carry out fraud, or take control of your customers’ accounts, to make unauthorised transactions. FraudPoint UK can identify complex fraud threats almost instantaneously upfront, without introducing friction to the customer journey, preventing any increase in application abandonment as a result of additional checks.

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What challenges can LexisNexis® FraudPoint™ UK help with?

Evolving fraud threats

Reputational risk

Application abandonment

Unleash the power of predictive analytics

The FraudPoint UK API offers an analytically derived Fraud Score – either flagship or custom-built – and/or a suite of over 1,000 model-ready Fraud Attributes. Our solutions consultants will work with you to evaluate your needs and build the most appropriate solution to address your existing fraud challenges and business goals.

Fraud Risk Score

Fraud Attributes

Extensive Data Universe

Our data universe comprises datapoints from billions of public and proprietary records, giving an accurate, near-complete account of the UK adult population. And we regularly append – not replace – our records with fresh data, ensuring a complete and accurate view of the customer, over time.

Advanced Linking

We ensure high levels of data record accuracy by matching and connecting disparate data to an appropriate customer record, using our own unique identifier, LexID®, combined with our proprietary statistical linking capability.

Sophisticated Analytics and Insights

We apply data science and leverage proprietary algorithms to provide better decision intelligence.

FraudPoint UK Benefits

Increase fraud capture rates and reduce fraud losses

Improve customer experience for trusted customers

Provide explainable intelligence for fraud risk decisions

LexisNexis® FraudPoint™ UK Awards 2022/23

New Product of the Year

RegTech Project of the Year

Unleash the power of predictive analytics with LexisNexis® FraudPoint™ UK

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