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Harness the power of advanced analytics through our revolutionary market-wide risk score
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Attract™ for Motor Gives Insurance Providers a Better Way to Assess Risk

Attract™ for Motor provides a score which leverages a proprietary industry database, LexisNexis® Motor Policy History, combined with LexisNexis® Risk Insights, to help better predict and segment insurance risk. By combining this unique insurance policy history data with public records, insurance providers can now predict risk more accurately than with financial scores.


Reap the rewards:

  • Price more accurately – Superior insurance risk identification and segmentation facilitates more accurate pricing than with financial scores or public records alone.
  • Reduce loss and attract the right risk for your business – Avoid adverse selection by implementing Attract™ at point-of-quote.
  • Improve quotability rates- Superior linking and matching technology helps ensure improved match and score rates.


Solutions you can rely on:

  • Applicable across quote, underwriting and renewal systems, our data delivery system integrates directly into existing workflows.
  • All data is contained in the same infrastructure, allowing us to deliver consistent end-to-end sub-second response times.
  • Attract™ for Motor is more than a point solution – LexisNexis® designs solutions specifically for insurance providers and are already trusted custodians of over 70% of policy histories for the motor insurance industry.

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