LexisNexis® Policy Insights

Better identify risk and price more accurately through granular insights into an individual's policy history

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Find out how LexisNexis® Policy Insights could help you

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What is LexisNexis® Policy Insights?

Using market-contributed policy history data from leading insurers, brokers and MGAs, Policy Insights
provides automated data points that best represent real-world risk at point of quote, including
cancellations, gaps in cover, no claims discounts and vehicle purchases, giving you a comprehensive
view of the customer so you can deliver car insurance quotes with confidence, speed and accuracy.

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Realise operational cost savings

Seamlessly integrate into existing workflows and processes whilst taking advantage of automated, sub-second responses at point-of-quote. Additionally, more accurate pricing helps to reduce cancellations and loss cost

Minimise risk and improve pricing

Optimise your pricing by utilising detailed information and access to credible data to ensure fully riskappropriate quotes without slowing down of operations

Improved customer experience

Offer heightened responsiveness and accuracy without requiring customers to volunteer information to enhance the quote experience and increase customer retention

Accurate policy data
delivered at point of quote

New policies and policy changes updated daily

High-quality data
inputs from contributors

Automated process slots directly into existing workflow

Key data and pricing attributes for use at point of quote:

Gaps in Cover


Multiple policies

Multiple Vehicles


LexisNexis Policy Insights and LexisNexis Informed Quotes Delivered Direct to Brokers at Point of Quote

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Find out how LexisNexis® Policy Insights could help you

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