Policy Insights

Better identify risk and price more accurately through granular insights into an individual's policy history.
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Policy Insights


Realise operational cost savings
Easily integrate into existing workflows and processes whilst taking advantage of automated, sub-second responses at point-of-quote. Additionally, more accurate pricing helps to reduce cancellations and loss cost.

Minimise risk and improve pricing
Drive more accurate pricing through access to credible data, allowing risk to be better understood and premiums adjusted accordingly.

Improved customer experience
Through leveraging unique data attributes at point-of-quote to deliver more accurate pricing and a streamlined experience to consumers.


Minimise risk exposure
Underwrite the risk that's best suited to your organisation or book by gaining visibility into an individual's policy history.

Quote with accuracy
Allow for easier automatic decisions through insights into a person's policy and vehicle history delivered at point of quote.

Reduce costly and labour-intensive manual processes
Access up-to-date, high-quality data inputs from contributors.

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